Cement & Concrete

Automatic Compression Testing Machine “CONTROLS”

Automatic Compression Testing Machine, Make "CONTROLS"



Spatula for cement

As per IS : 4031-1968,269 & BS : 12. Weight approx. 340 gms.

Pocket Penetrometer for Concrete

As per ASTM : C-403. Scale range 0 - 50 kg/cm.sq. for setting time of concrete.

Tile Flexure Testing Machine

Hand Operated, as per IS:654-1992, IS:1237-1998. with the bearing surface rounded to 40mm diameter, The loading device may consist of a bucket connected either directly or through levers to the loading arms. The loading shall be at a uniform rate of 450 to 550 N/min by allowing lead shots to flow into the bucket. Provision shall be made to arrest the flow of lead shorts immediately the tile braks.

Vibrating Machine

As per IS : 4031 (P-VI) - 1988, IS : 1344 - 1959, IS:10080-1982, BS - 12. Supplied with Standard Motor, belt guard, 1 No. 70.6mm size cube mould with loose base plate. Supplied complete with certificate of Vibration from NCCBM or our Own Certificate traceable to National Standards with Digital Timer 0 to 5 minute.

Length Comparator

As per IS: 1199-1959, 9459-1999 and 4031-1988, with Dial Gauge 0.01 x 10mm & Stainless Steel Reference bar.

Demountable Strain Gauge

Mechanical with Dial Gauge, 0.002 mm x 5 mm with Storage case 15 cms or 20 cms.

Autoclave for cement

As per IS : 4031-1988, Chamber made of Stainless Steel. Suitable for operation on 230 V. 50 Cycles, Single Phase Mains. Supplied with One Test Bar Holder and a Rack to hold specimens above water level in vertical position. Fitted with Pressure Gauge, temperature indicator & safety valve.