Cement & Concrete

Flow Cone Appratus

Aparatus for Determination of Flow of Concrete: This method covers determination of the flow of fresh mixed superplasticized concrete of high workability. As per IS : 7320-1974.

Compaction Factor Apparatus

As per IS : 1199-1959 & IS : 5515. Used for determining work ability of fresh concrete. It consists of 2 Rigid Conical Hoppers and a Cylinder mounted on Rigid Metal Frame. Supplied with a one Trowel and one Tamping Rod.

Compression Testing Machine

Compression Testing Machine, Capacity- 250kN. Hand Operated, with Two Pillar type Load Frame & a separate Hand Operated Pumping Unit 15cm dia. Pressure Gauge 0 - 250kN x 1kN. Fitted on load frame or pumping unit with our own calibration certificate traceable to National Standards.

  1. Compression Testing Machine Four Pillar Digital
  2. Compression Testing Machine Digital Channel Type
  3. Compression Testing Machine-Digital Fabricated
  4. Compression Testing Machine-Digital Two Pillar
  5. Compression Testing Machine-Electrical
  6. Compression Testing Machine-Electrical Channel Type
  7. Compression Testing Machine Hand Operated Four pillar