Survey Equipments

Spirit Level

Spirit Level with adjusting arrangements in a box size 150mm.

Plumb Bob

Plumb Bob. made of full brass with metal tip & nylon cord in leather stealth

Through Compass

Through Compass rectangular pattern in box made of full brass size 150mm.

Engineers Plane Table

Engineers Plane Table made of laminated board with hard wood battens at back having slots for brass screws and washer for clamping. Comes with highly polished teakwood Rigid or Aluminium Telescopic Tripod with heavy type full brass metal head. Sized 750 x 600mm.

Open Cross Staff

Open Cross Staff made of Brass 4” dia. with pole

Prismatic Compass

Prismatic Compass made of full brass body complete in plastic case with full aluminium telescopic / rigid tripod having ball and socket head with cover.

Measuring Tape

Measuring Tape

Metric Chain

Metric Chain

Ranging Rod

Ranging Rod made of conduit pipe, printed black and white or Red and White with strong iron shoe extra long and with top body cover. Size 3 meter, folding type.

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