Carbonation Test

Carbonation Test - Phenolphthalein & Spray Bottles only

Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (USPV) Tester

"Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity (USPV) Tester battery operated - Conforming to EN 12504-4 and ASTM C597, Model No. E4800 "" Controls"". UPV tester is used for quality control and inspection of concrete. It measures the transit time of ultrasonic pulses through concrete and can be applied to new and old structures, slabs, columns, walls, fire damaged areas, precast and prestressed beams, cylinders and other concrete forms. Combined with an oscilloscope it is suitable to identify honey combs, voids, cracks and other non homogenous conditions in concrete. Low and high frequency transducers are available.

Concrete Test Hammer

CIM-631: Concrete Test Hammer, as per IS:13311-1992 reprinted 1995, "N" type with carrying case, Rubbing Stone (Small) with our own calibration certificate.

Half Cell Potentiometer

Half Cell Potentiometer consists of :- 1 No. Acrylic cylinder with porous plug at one end, other end solid copper electrode., 1 No. Digital Voltmeter. 1 No. Pair of lead wire, crocodile clip. 500gm Copper sulphate.

Rebar Detector

"Rebar Detector, ""Bosch"" Model- D-Tect-150-Wall scanner *Soft carrying case , *(4)--AA 1.5V Battery. Detectable Materials: Plastic pipes, Ferrous Metals, Non Ferrous Metals, Wooden substructures, Live Cables. Maximim detection depth: 150mm Accuracy: ± 5mm , Automatic Deactivation: 5 mins"