Survey Equipments

Laser rangefinder

Laser rangefinder -"Bosch"

Digital Theodolite

Digital Theodolite, ''BOSCH' or equivalent', Angular accuracy 2", magnification 30X supplied with standard accessories like rain cover, tool kit, drying cloth, plumb bob, battery and carrying case.

Vernier Theodolite

Transit Vernier Theodolite least count 20”, with optical plummet, erect image, steel axis, achromatic eyepiece and pure silver circle, in teakwood or moulded FRP box, with aluminium telescopic tripod, manual, inspection report and all standard accessories.

Total Station

Total Station: Model No. HTS–582AGX, "HORIZON" Make:Absolute encoder machinewith 1” least count, 2” accuracyReflector less (300mrange) total station in Carrying case with 16 digits display, automatictemp/pressure scale, Graphical display withline joining, Opticalplummet, COGO/VC/TC on-board, Dual axis compensator, SDcard slot, Alphanumeric Keyboard &with 2 x Compact batteries & 1x Quick charger, 1 x Power cable,1 x data downloading USBcable, 1 x plumbbob, 1 x manual, 1 x dust cap 1 x Raincover, 1 xHorizon Desktop 2 -waycommunication Software

  1. "1 X HORIZON MODEL AK-17T: Single Prism Reflector with single round prism, target plate, tiltable reflector in soft carrying case with padded inserts. "
  2. "1 X HORIZON MODEL ADS PP215A: 2.15m twist lock economy model prism pole, telescopic, graduated and with bubble in case"


Autolevel Model, "Bosch" GOL 26D. Magnification 26X and Accuracy 2mm with Tripod & Staff

Tripod stand

5 meter long, having steps on one leg complete with a heavy duy pulley block

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