Proving Ring

Capacity 1000 kgs. (10 kN), Compression only, Integral type with Dial gauge, storage case & a pair of loading pads. Supplied with Works Calibration Chart traceable to National Standards.

Plate Load Test Apparatus

As per IS : 1888 - 1982 RA 1997. Hand Operated Hydraulic Jack with Pressure Gauge, capacity 50,000 kg with separate Pumping Unit and 3 meter long pipe.

Vane Shear Apparatus, Motorised

As per IS : 2720 (Part - XXX) - 1980 RA 1997. Consists of a torque head adjustable in height by means of a lead screw rotated by a drive wheel to enable the vane to be lowered into the specimen. Rotation of the vane is by means of a hand wheel which operates a worm gear arrangement turing the upper end of a calibrated torsion spring. Vane dia rod dia, vane size & vane height are as per IS specification. The vane shaft is attached through the hollow upper shaft to a resettable pointer, which indicates the angle of torgue on a dial graduated in degrees. The dial reading multiplied by spring factor gives the torque. A container for soil sample is also supplied and a samplking tube of 38mm I.D. & 150mm long can also be used as container. Supplied with set of four springs, one each of approx. 2 kg cm, 4 kg cm, 6 kg cm and 8 kg cm. Complete as above in a wooden carrying case.

Swell Test Apparatus

consisting of : One loading unit, hand operated 5 Tonne capacity with two rates of travel. One high sensitivity Proving Ring 250 kg. capacity with calibration chart & carrying case. One Dial Gauge 0.01mm x 25mm. One Gun metal mould 1000ml. capacity (100mm dia x 127.3mm high) with collar and base plate. Pair of Porous Stones 100mm dia x 12.7mm thick. One Gun metal / brass perforated swell plate 100mm dia x 16mm thick. One spacer 100mm dia x 12.7mm thick. One load transfer bar. One Steel ball. One Soaking Tank 250mm dia x 210mm high

California Bearing Ratio Test Apparatus (CBR), Hand Operated

As per IS : 2720 (Part - XVI) - 1987 RA 1997 consisting:- 5000 kg capacity Hand Operated Floor Model load frame. CBR Steel Mould with base plate & collar. Penetration piston. pacer disc with detachable handle. Annular weight 2.5kg. Slotted weight 2.5kg. Gun Metal / Brass perforated disc with adjustable stem and lock nut. Metal tripod for dial gauge. Steel cutting collar. Rammer 2.6kg x 310mm. Rammer 4.89kg. x 450mm. Proving Ring capacity 3000kg. with dial gauge case & works calibration certificate. Dial gauge 0.01 x 25mm.

Bishop’s Pore Pressure Apparatus

For measuring pore water pressure and pore air pressure in traixial samples cap. 1 to 10 kg/cm.sq. x 0.1 kg/cm.sq. on 20cm dia. pressure gauge fitted on a board. Complete with glass manometer, pressure pump, water reservoir, coil etc. all fitted on a board.

Universal Triaxial Cell, Stationary Bushing Type

For 38, 50, 75 & 100 mm dia specimen with accessories. Leak proof upto 10 kg/cm.sq.

Unconfined Compression Testing Machine

As per IS : 2720 (Part - X) - 1991 RA 1995, IS : 4332 (Part - V) - 1970 RA 1995, ASTM D 2166, AASHO T-208, BS : 1377. Spring Type, suitable for testing 38 mm dia x 76 mm high samples consisting of Spring Operated Load Frame, set of 4 springs having stiffness 0.2 kg, 0.4 kg, 0.8 kg & 1 kg/mm., calibrated mask, set of 50 charts & a metal carrying case.

Soil Trimmer,Motorised

same as above but the platform supplying specimen ring is rotated at a speed of approx. 25 RPM by a fractional H.P. motor. The motor with reduction gear is housed in a cabinet. Complete with gripper plate pairs for 38, 50, 75 & 100mm dia. specimen. Suitable for 230 Volt Single phase.