Pycnometer Bottle

As per IS : 2383 (Part - III) - 1963 RA 1996. Suitable for determination of Sp.Gr. of clays, sand & gravel of size less than 10 mm, Brass cone and metal ring complete with rubber washer with 800 ml jar, brass cone & metallic ring.

Abrasion Testing Machine (Los Angles)

As per IS-2386 (Part - IV), ASTM-C131, AASHO-T96, with collecting tray and 12 Nos. Steel balls of 48mm dia. Fitted with a revolution counter. Suitable for working on 440 V, 50 Cycles, 3 Phase Mains.

Specific Gravity and Water Absorption Test Apparatus for aggregate

As per IS : 2386 (Part - III), consisting of :- 1 No.Electronic Digital Balance, capacity 15kg. x L.C. 0.5gm, with a hook below the balance to hang a density basket.. 1 No. Pedestal for balance. This pedestal has provision to lift the water container up & down. 1 No. Density Basket with brass wire mesh 6.3 mm. 1 No. A container with lid of the same capacity as that of the density basket. 1 No. Water tight container to suspend density basket. 2 Pieces Absorbent cloths. 1 No. A tray of area not less than 600

Aggregate Impact Tester

As per IS. 2386, (Part-IV) / IS 9377-1979. For determining the aggregate impact value With Blow Counter.

Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus

As per IS:2386 (P-IV), IS:9376 for measuring resistance of aggregate to crushing, it consists of : 1 No. Cylindrical Container 150mm I.D. x 130mm to 140mm ht. with base plate & plunger. 1 No. Tamping Rod 16mm dia. x 600mm long. 1 No. Metal Measure 115mm dia. x 180mm ht.

Density Basket

As per IS: 2386 (P-III) for density test on aggregates, size approx. 20 cm dia. x 20 cm high, with handle fitted with 6.3mm mesh size, Brass wire Mesh.

Cylindrical Metal Measures

As per IS : 2386 (Part - III) for unit weight of aggregates. Made from M.S. 5mm thick Sheet with handles. Capacity 3 ltr, 5 ltr, 15 ltr & 30 ltr As per IS : 1199 for unit weight of aggregates. Made from M.S. 5mm thick sheet with handles. Capacity 10 ltr, 20 ltr

Sieve Shaker, Hand Operated

For 20cm dia sieves, The side to side movement to the carrier which can take upto 7 sieves of 150mm or 200mm diameter is through a train of gears operated by a hand wheel.

G.I. Frame Sieves

30 cm & 45 cm dia G.I. Frame Sieves, as per IS : 460 (Part - II) : 1985 RA 1998

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